• UKC GCH Mount Bethel Lily Bleu Me Away

    • 22 inches at the shoulder

    • 43 lbs

    • Conformation:

      • Very Square stature​

      • Poised with a regal natural stack

      • great front angulation

      • full chest with point of shoulder directly over elbow.

      • beautiful gait with floating poodle movement

      • perfect tail set and rear angulation

      • compact

      • Beautiful facial expression and pretty face.

    • Temperament: 

      • Very devoted to one person but loves all.  She is the perfect companion.

      • Enjoys showing and is confident in new situations

      • A pleasure to live with in our home.  She a great friend and companion

Puppies are only sold to poodle fanciers directly as pets only.  No puppy will ever be sold for research or to a pet store.  These puppies are for folks who are passionate about poodles and will keep them as pets in their homes

Lily Bleu 1st point