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Sydney L1 containers Nov 2015
sydney view limestone
Sydney Delaware water gap 2014
Sydney show
Sydney mtn
Sydney first UKC show 2013
Sydney small photo

 UKC CH Waypoint to Mount Bethel's Sydney

  • retired from breeding

  • weight: 50 lbs​

  • height: 24 inches at the shoulder

  • temperment:  

    • affectionate, really leans in when you pet her​

    • very performance driven, wants to work

      • looks you in the eye waiting for direction​

      • will do anything for a good treat

      • very fun to work with in agility, nosework or anything you give her to do

  • conformation: ​

    • wonderful coarse coat, especially for a silver​

    • pretty movement

    • well rounded

  • hea​lth

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