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Welcome To Mount Bethel Poodles

We invite you to visit us...

We would love for you to visit us.  Please call to schedule.  

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We picked up Lucy (Orange girl) a red standard poodle in November. I really like this breeder for many reasons. Laurie was very knowledgeable. She did temperament testing and I could see the results when I saw the dogs in person. Dogs are kept in a normal house and get plenty of yardtime. We received ...



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I have had my Andy, an apricot standard poodle, for 3 weeks now. This little guy is precious. He is healthy, so smart, very social and just a joy! At 12 weeks he is practically potty trained. Darcy was very easy to work with. When I picked …



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Darcy is very dedicated and raises wonderful poodles. She is very thorough with health testing all her dogs. Darcy got me into showing and competing in AKC with my Mount Bethel poodle and we absolutely love it! Paws down my Mount Bethel …

At Mount Bethel Poodles we raise poodles to be well rounded.  We believe the  poodle is an exceptional breed with many wonderful qualities which make poodles excell in so many ways.

This is Tiffany
Sydney title in nose work.  Standard poodl wins at scent work.
Mount Bethel Poodles American Kenne Club Bred with Heart
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  • The qualities we strive toward to promote the poodle breed in our program

    • Conformation:  a well bred poodle is sound and balanced in structure.

      •  We show our poodles in the conformation breed show ring to prove our poodles have the qualities a poodle should have according to the breed standard.

      • AKC breed standard for poodles  (click for link)

      • Even to the untrained eye there is a noteable difference between a poorly bred poodle and a well bred poodle.  

      • Selecting a poodle from a proven show line of Champions does not mean you have to show your dog.  If you are looking for a great pet it also means you will have a beautiful dog to enjoy every day.  

    • Health: The poodles we breed are fully health tested.  

      • We register the health testing done on our poodles with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  This allows for those acquiring a Mount Bethel Poodle to verify by respected third party most health testing done on sire and dam

      • We genetically test all sire and dams with the Veterinary Genetic Laboratory through the University of California Davis.  It is proven that genetics play a key role in autoimmune issues.  Genetic diversity is essential for this.  We will provide a copy of results upon request

      • We use tools such as "Better Bred" and other databases to calculate and improve the health of the litters we produce.

      • We use Dr Jean Dodd's vaccination protocol

      • We use high quality grain-free kibble along with raw meat to give our poodles the best nutrition to grow strong

      • Our Poodles don't spend the majority of their time confined in cages. Our poodles live in our home and have ample time to run in our grassy fenced yard or on walks in our neighborhood.  

        • we do support crate training for brief intervals.  It is incredibly helpful when house training a puppy.  

    • Inteligence:  Poodles are an incredibly inteligent breed 

      • Many of our puppies have competed in obedience, agility, an other dog sports

      • several of our puppies have gone to work as service dogs including diabetic alert work, seizure alert work, and service to a wheelchair bound individual.

      • Puppy classes are required for all puppies going to their new homes.  This is essential for harmony in the home and understanding how your poodle thinks.  Early socialization is essential to a well rounded poodle.

      • Poodles have excelled at obedience, herding, hunting, agility, rally, retrieving, tracking, scent work and more.

    • Temperment

      • AKC breed standard for Temperament: "Temperament: Carrying himself proudly, very active, intelligent, the Poodle has about him an air of distinction and dignity peculiar to himself. Major fault: shyness or sharpness."

      • We hand select specific puppies for service work.  It takes a very certain temperament to be a service dog.  

      • We will not breed an aggressive sire or dam.  No matter how beautiful they may appear.

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