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Darcy Kallus, RN, BSN

Founder and visionary for Mount Bethel Poodles.  Darcy and her sisters are originaly from Glen Ridge, NJ.  Darcy lived in Mount Bethel, PA and has now moved to Limestone, TN where she and her husband Craig operate a Bed and Biscuit, Grooming Spa and have planted a truffle orchard.  Darcy raises puppies, trains and grooms from Limestone, TN

Dianne Martin:  Sister to Lauri Holli and Darcy.  Dianne supports Mount Bethel Poodles from Owensboro, KY area.  Dianne has  Boo  and Coco.  Coco is our first brown poodle.  She is still a puppy as of August 2022 and we are planning to show her.  Coco is also a puppy from Boo's first litter.  Dianne love the color brown.  We may or may not get more brown puppies from Boo in the future.  Please check with Lauri if you are interested in the rare color of brown standard poodle.

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Holli, sister to Dianne, Lauri, and Darcy, lives in Bloomfield, NJ.  She is the most recent of the four sisters to join in our passion for poodles.  Holli has Charm, a blue miniature poodle in her home.  She also has a spayed pet pug named Daisy.  

Dr Lauri Taylor.  Toms River, NJ

Sister to Darcy Dianne and Holli.

Lauri is a chiropractor who has special training and certification to care for animals chiropractically.  Lauri raises some litters in her home in Toms River, NJ. for Mount Bethel Poodles.  Penelope (apricot standard poodle), Reya (red standard poodle) and Pipa (blue miniature poodle) Her phone number is 610-984-4890

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