Darcy Kallus, RN, BSN

Founder and visionary for Mount Bethel Poodles.  Darcy and her sisters are originaly from Glen Ridge, NJ.  Darcy lived in Mount Bethel, PA and has now moved to Limestone, TN where she and her husband Craig operate a Bed and Biscuit, Grooming Spa and have planted a truffle orchard.  Darcy raises puppies, trains and grooms from Limestone, TN

Craig Kallus

Craig supports the care and training of the poodles in Limestone, TN.  Craig is Darcy's husband and partner in life.  Craig's phone numbefr is 610-984-2001

Dr Lauri Taylor.  Toms River, NJ

Sister to darcy and Dianne.

Lauri is a chiropractor who has special training and certification to care for animals chiropractically.  Lauri raises some litter in her home in Toms Rive, NJ. for Mount Bethel Poodles.   Her phone number is 908-670-3222

Dianne Martin:  Sister to Lauri and Darcy.  Dianne supports Mount Bethel Poodles from Owensboro, KY area.  Dianne has Tally and Boo living with her and occasionally raises a litter from her home.

Puppies are only sold to poodle fanciers directly as pets only.  No puppy will ever be sold for research or to a pet store.  These puppies are for folks who are passionate about poodles and will keep them as pets in their homes