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Mount Bethel Poodles,

Raising quality poodles for  temperament, conformation, and health

I have been raising standard poodles for almost 20 years and have been working with dogs nearly my whole life.  My sisters have joined me in this passion so there are litters being raised in three states, New Jersey, Tennessee and Kentucky.    Lauri, Dianne, Holli and myself work autonomously yet we give each other support. The breeding program is managed by me, Darcy.  If you have questions regarding breeding I am generally best to answer these questions.


Lauri has Pippa, Penelope, and Reya in NJ, Dianne has Coco and Boo in KY, and I have Lily, Suzie, Mia, and the boys in TN.   We periodically have puppies available for show, service work, performance sports, and great pets.  Between the four of us we can have approximately 3 to 6 litters per year.   

Each sire and dam is fully health tested and verifiable on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website.  I actively participate with cutting edge research and have submitted DNA samples of our poodles for research in Neonatal Encephalopathy through the University of Missouri Veterinary Program, Addisons, and the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) of the University of California.  I (Darcy) am also a founding member of the Betterbred Registry which analyzes VGL genetic data in regards to autoimmune and other potential health issues for poodles.  

Puppies are well socialized with people, animals, sounds, and experiences.  We strive to provide appropriate stimulation for each puppy according to their development.  This includes frequent walks outside, visiting our other pets, and playing with different kinds of toys.  We bring our pups out for visits to Petsmart, Tractor Supply, Home Depot, Lowes, Local parks and classes. (public places where pets are permitted)  We also schedule age appropriate supervised play dates for the puppies that are in our care until they go home.

We begin potty training when puppies are 3-weeks-old by using a puppy litter.  We also incorporate positive training while the puppies are young in such a way that the puppies don't even know they are receiving obedience training.  We keep it fun.  As maturing puppies stay with us we continue obedience training and they learn more and more the longer they are with us.


We temperament test using the Volhard tool to help us pair puppies to the right home.  This helps for each puppy and family to come to a great match for each other.  


A structure evaluation is performed on each puppy.  A puppy with good structure is "comfortable in its own skin" and happier and able to perform better.  This is especially essential to puppies that will grow and have important work like being a service dog, competing in agility and other dog sports, and also in conformation showing.   


Each puppy is current on vaccines according to *  Dr. Jean Dodd's protocol.  Puppies receive their first vaccination when they are 9-weeks-old.  This is the age when puppies are first permitted to leave us.   Puppies have their tails docked and dewclaws removed between 3-5 days-old.  This is also when they are microchipped with an AKC reunite microchip.  Puppies are examined by a veterinarian before leaving us and are wormed using veterinary recomended products.   


Puppies are sent home with a bag of goodies which includes the puppy's health record, an AKC puppy info packet, a toy, information on the sire and dam, good health info on fleas ticks and vaccines, and bag of the food they have been eating.  




Standard poodles in the snow.
Standard Poodle at national specialty, 2013
Standard poodle puppies
Red poodle puppy
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